Member Stories: Accelerant’s Engaged Approach Helped Wyvern Broaden Coverage and Identify New Opportunities


Building strong relationships with our Members is at the core of what we value at Accelerant.

We spoke to Jeffrey Longbons, President and Founder of Wyvern Underwriters, on his experience working with the Accelerant team.

“I love the ability to have direct interaction with their leadership. Jeff Radke is always there, very involved, and gets to know the people he works with. I really appreciate that support.”

Wyvern, which was founded in May 2022 in Chicago, offers a modular insurance policy featuring numerous multiline Professional Liability, General Liability and Commercial Property products that focus on small and middle market accounts in the professional services classes of allied healthcare, non-profit & social services and administrative services.

What sets Wyvern apart is their affordable one-stop-shop approach, seamlessly meeting the coverage needs of each customer without them needing to go to multiple providers and allowing them to pick-and-choose insurance for only what they need — and not pay for what they don’t.

For Jeffrey, picking a carrier was simple: He sought a company who would be authentically committed to his success. Accelerant’s five-year commitment stood out as a differentiating factor that guaranteed they’d stand by Wyvern through industry ups and downs.

While working with Accelerant, Jeffrey has also really appreciated their flexibility and ability to move quickly. For example, many Allied Healthcare and Social Services companies have certain risk coverage needs that the insurance industry has tried to pull back on, such as sexual misconduct insurance. Still, the customers need coverage, whether it is by choice or to meet contractual obligations, and they turn to Wyvern for support. Accelerant was able to collaborate with Wyvern to develop a program for offering this critical liability coverage.

Accelerant has also taken collaborative initiative to support Wyvern in new areas of opportunity when presented by the Wyvern team. Jeffrey was surprised by Accelerant’s engaged, hands-on approach and has valued being able to talk through ideas openly with Accelerant’s team. In partnership with Accelerant, Wyvern has developed an underwriting facility for efficiently evaluating risk exposure and presenting coverage information that is easier to understand, fostering a better customer experience. This has resulted in strong growth in submission volume, quote and hit ratios, greater variety in geographic areas and classes of business, and overall strong flow of opportunity coming in from distribution partners.

Jeffrey encourages other Members to lean into all that Accelerant has to offer from the platform to the accessible team, which he trusts and respects.