Issue accessing the Accelerant Platform? Troubleshooting steps

If you are experiencing an issue not listed here, please contact the Help Team to create a support case. Include screenshots of the error, the URL you are using and the timestamp of when the issue occurred so that the issue can be dealt with promptly.

IssueTroubleshooting Steps
I have not received an invite email to join the Accelerant PlatformYour Member Director will send you an invite email to join the Accelerant Platform.

– Check your spam folder for the invite email.
– Confirm with the Member Director that they have invited you.
– If the Member Director has invited you, and you have not received the email, contact the Help Team.
HTTP ERROR 401 – Authorization RequiredEnsure you are using the correct email account when attempting to login.

– Confirm with your Member Director that they have invited you to the Accelerant platform.
– If the issue persists, contact the Help Team.
HTTP ERROR 403 – Restricted AccessYou do not have permission to view this page.

– Contact the Help Team to ensure that you have the correct permissions to view this page.
HTTP ERROR 404 – This page could not be foundThe page has been removed.

 – Contact the Help Team. if you still require access to investigate why the page has been removed.
HTTP ERROR 500 – This page isn’t workingThere is an error connecting to the server. The platform health is monitored on the status page. The Accelerant team will be proactively working to resolve the issue and the status page will provide an estimated time for resolution.

–   If the issue persists or is not reported on the status page, contact the Help Team.
Account has been locked-outYour account will be locked out in the event of your password being entered incorrectly after several attempts.

– Wait 30 minutes before re-attempting login.
– If the issue persists, contact the Help Team.
Invite token has expiredInvite tokens expire after 7 calendar days from the date the invite email is sent. Member Relationship Director’s have the permissions to send new invite tokens.

– To request a new invite token, contact your Member Director.
– If you do not know who your nominated Member Director is or are unable to resolve, contact the Help Team.
Reset / forgot password–  Return to the Accelerant Platform login screen.
– Enter your email address and select continue. 

– This will redirect to the page below. Select ‘Forgot your password?’. Follow the instructions to reset your password. 

– If the issue persists, contact the Help Team.