How Accelerant Serves MGAs


At Accelerant, we only win when our Members win. We are organized around and on behalf of our Members to provide a single source for their entire portfolio of products while eliminating the conflicts typical of conventional carriers. All of this is by design.

Accelerant also serves Member MGAs by solving the following critical issues that remain stumbling blocks throughout the industry today:

  • Unstable capacity: We support Member MGA distribution with our 5-year capacity provision that is backed by a long-term reinsurance commitment to take the stress and hassle out of insurance.
  • Knee-jerk reactions by providers to line-of-business performance: Again, we are committed to you for the long term, not just for today. We also leverage the latest technology to provide MGAs with the data and consumer insights they need to manage and grow their business profitably. We have a brand-building mentality and take a strategic approach to your business.
  • Capacity disappearing in certain lines of business and geographies: We are committed to writing your entire portfolio of underwriter-led products with our A- rated capacity in the Financial Strength IX category. Moreover, Accelerant provides operational and regulatory services that minimize the often-prohibitive effort that is required by MGAs. We continually emphasize the need to look forward, not just back on prior performance.
  • Insurers competing with their MGAs in the same market: We never compete with our Members and have a clear, conflict-free distribution strategy. Unlike some firms, we will never use your company’s success to prove a business case and enter your market as competition. Frankly, we are shocked that this practice continues today. On the contrary, our current Members serve as our biggest advocates in attracting new Members.
  • Poorly capitalized and unrated insurers filling market gaps and quickly failing: Unlike some in the industry, we use capital to enable growth and value capture to ensure better markdown pricing decisions.

Built for purpose

Accelerant is built for purpose and on purpose to service MGAs. We are Member-oriented with long-term support and capacity. We take a portfolio approach. We are trusted. And we maximize value. Moving to Accelerant allows the Member to concentrate on what they do best. In fact, when Members move to Accelerant, we see an average of 35% GWP growth.

Our team hails from many significant companies throughout the industry and its collective experiences have managed a global portfolio of more than $6 billion premium, with a profound understanding of the program space to differentiate “better” from “the best.”

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