The Role of Technology in Enhancing Insurance Distribution Channels

The insurance industry is traditionally perceived as resistant to change but has undergone significant transformation in recent years. At the forefront of this evolution is technology, revolutionizing not just how insurance products are designed but also how they’re distributed. At Accelerant, we’ve been keen observers and active participants in this digital shift. Today, we’ll explore … Read more

The Road Ahead: Preparing for an AI-Driven Insurance Ecosystem

It’s impossible to ignore the impact AI  (artificial intelligence) is having on our world — and on our ecosystem. But adopting AI isn’t a panacea, or a straightforward tactic — It requires strategic planning, investment, and a holistic change in the operational model. Here are the things we’re hearing from our Community about what’s ahead. How … Read more

Data-Driven Risk Exchange Accelerant Welcomes Head of Distribution – Europe Gabriella Engstrand

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Accelerant, a data-driven risk exchange connecting underwriters of specialty insurance with risk capital providers, today announced that Gabriella Engstrand will join the team as Head of Distribution – Europe. Starting in January, Engstrand will lead Accelerant’s expansion in Europe focusing on strategy and development of existing and future markets. Accelerant currently has licenses to … Read more

Accelerating the Future: Our Top 3 Insights from Insurtech Connect 2023

Last week, we had a fantastic experience at Insurtech Connect 2023 in Las Vegas. Engaging with our Members and industry peers, discovering cutting-edge technologies, and diving into the industry’s future was invaluable. Here are some of our key takeaways from the conference: Embracing Automation: We see a universal shift towards automation in the insurance industry. … Read more

Accelerant Expands International Presence to Canada

ATLANTA, October 13, 2023 — Accelerant, a data-driven risk exchange connecting underwriters of specialty insurance risk with risk capital providers, today announced its expansion into the Canadian market through the acquisition of Omega Insurance Holdings, Inc. from Till Capital Ltd. “Accelerant’s entry into Canada is an exciting culmination of years of work to understand and … Read more

Employee Spotlight: Chrissie Hamner

At Accelerant, we’re motivated by our mission to rebuild insurance so that it’s fair, transparent, and efficient. We’re often asked what it’s like to work at a global company with an audacious vision, so we thought we’d give a peek behind the scenes through our Employee Perspectives… series. After all, people are at the heart … Read more

Simplifying Claims: How Modern Technology is Streamlining The Processes

Claims processing has historically been one of the most intricate and time-consuming facets of the insurance industry. However, with modern technology and the rise of insurtech, we are witnessing a revolutionary simplification of this procedure, which is an essential function of insurance. At Accelerant, we believe in the potential of technology to make claims more … Read more

The Role of Big Data in Insurtech: Predictions, Patterns, and Personalization

In today’s dynamic digital age, the convergence of technology and insurance, often called “insurtech,” is revolutionizing the industry landscape. One of the pivotal forces propelling this transformation is the increasing prowess of Big Data. From understanding risk profiles to customizing user experiences, Big Data’s influence on insurtech is both transformative and undeniable. In this article, … Read more