What Being an Accelerant Member Means


We call the MGAs and speciality underwriters we work with “Members” — not “clients” or “customers”  — to underscore the importance of these relationships to us.

For starters, here is what being a Member at Accelerant doesn’t mean. When you are an Accelerant Member, you don’t have to worry about:

  • Being left out in the cold. Our five-year guarantee of capacity provides valuable stability.
  • Going it alone. We are true risk bearers. We share risk and provide capital for growth and expansion for our members.
  • Uncomfortable conflicts of interest. We are organized around and on behalf of our members, which reduces the issues and stressors that are common to many insurers.

When you strip away what you don’t want, what does that leave? Collaboration, security, transparency and an incredible business model for growth that focuses exclusively on MGAs and program administrators. In addition to that long-term capacity commitment, Accelerant Members enjoy:

  • A platform that provides the insights you need to grow your business, with modern tools support risk capital, segmentation analysis, rich claims data and more.
  • A streamlined value chain from point to point that ensures transparency and fairness for all. Our technology connects Members, reinsurers and service providers to help deliver superior outcomes and fuel fairness.
  • Unprecedented insight into the claims experience, loss information, premium flow and more.
  • Clear, conflict-free distribution strategy — no treading on anyone’s toes!
  • Commitment to write the entire portfolio of underwriter-led products –admitted and non-admitted, A- rated capacity
  • Operational and regulatory services minimizing the effort required by MGAs (prohibitive to them today)
  • Capital to enable growth and value capture
  • A brand-building mentality and a strategic approach to their business

Members choose us because of our customer-centric approach; entrepreneurial spirit, and value maximizing technology. And Accelerant continues to earn recognition, including with an AM Best rating of A- (Excellent) in the Financial Strength IX category. We are reinsured by a panel of the best reinsurers in the world and backed by Altamont Capital. And we were recently recognized with Managing General Agents Association (MGAA)’s highest honor.

Being an Accelerant Member is a big deal to us — and our commitment is to continue to make it a great deal for Members. It’s a proactive partnership that supports mutual long-term growth and success.

​​Interested in learning more? Reach out at [email protected]